Boston | New York City | Atlanta | Durham | Austin

UPDATE 17 MAY 2012

may 18 – boston, ma – cafe 939 – 8pm – live webcast – w gus and scout, runaway dorothy

june 8 – new york, ny – 10pm – piano’s – the roc-elle records fest

june 22 – atlanta, ga – 8pm – eddie’s attic – w hannah thomas

june 23 – durham, nc – 8pm – the casbah – w hannah thomas

july 15 – austin, tx – private show

We’re dusting off the dust, and getting ourselves back in playing condition.
If you’re in and around these spots, please come say hello.
Oh oh, and if anyone is interested in one of our patented house concerts near these towns, drop us a line!

More to come soon. Thanks and thanks!
Bree & Donnie | Beautiful Small Machines

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Great review from The Music Ninja for Paper Planes!

 recently released a cover of MIA‘s smash hit “Paper Planes”, turning it from akind of pop- kind of hip-hop mashup into an incredibly well done indie song. The new take on the song is more simplistic, trading synth beats and samples for guitar leads and organic drums, breathing life into a track that I thought had lost some of its original “coolness” due to its being overplayed. Thankfully, rather than slowly shaking my head and shunning “too soon” to the band, I was able to embrace this rework with open arms and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Though, I’ll admit, I do kind of miss the cash register sample during the “all I want to do is… and take your money” parts. Stream it below: