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 &forged a successful writing partnership over 10 years ago during the making of Bree’s debut album, “A Cheap & Evil Girl” (Trauma), which featured the wryly-scripted, cult hit “David Duchovny (Why Won’t You Love Me)”, and Don’s critically praised, “” (Universal). After completing work on what would have been Bree’s fourth solo release, the duo decided instead to scrap what was mostly a straight-forward acoustic album for a sound that incorporated whatever else was lying around the studio. Experimenting with an audio collage that had no restrictions, hi-fidelity not being the goal, what grew was a sci-fi based, fantasy, retro-twang-rock, pop-folk montage, perfectly highlighted on their debut EP, “. Featuring the heart breaking and biting lyrics that Bree has become acclaimed for, and Don’s increasingly unique production and songwriting antics…for which he has been in great demand of late (see ‘s Love it to Life).

Early Releases | Each song on the  “Robot in Love” EP seem to twist and turn at every angle, like the title track  itself, which starts out like a 70’s disco song filtered though AM radio only to erupt in twangy divergent guitars and live drums. On their second EP release,  “Simple Joys (4 Roy & Pris)”, Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon, a fan of the band, lent his haunting vocals on the titular, dark, love song written for the ill-fated androids in Bladerunner. The song musically and lyrically tells the story of the two genetically engineered slaves, star-crossed and desperate for more time.

And Then There Was Banjo | Prior to completing their long-overdue follow-up EP (which as of this writing is actually complete), BSM released a heavily lauded and critically praised, banjo-laden cover of MIA’s “”, which has garnered it’s own organic ground-swell and viral reach, gracing the cover of dozens of music blogs for it’s own distinct take on the original. It has also significantly helped many new fans to discover the New York City based twang-folk duo.

Hello World | Despite having yet to release a full-length album, BSM has scored several big licenses on ABC’s Castle, 90210 and The Hills, as well as promo campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, MasterCard, and Starz. They look to return to the road soon with their new release. Don has also recently scored the feature film “Ranchero,” who’s soundtrack has been officially released. He also has a new full-length album due called “Magnificent Ram A.” Bree has begun some early writing for a new upcoming and highly-anticipated solo release.


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Oh my my my my my, I have found the most amazing electronic/pop band ever. Not only does the singer actually have an amazing voice, but she writes the songs AND the beats are phenomenal. Their sound and flair are so fresh and original…Bravo Beautiful Small Machines, bravo.  |  Earbuds Blog

When art rock meets electro pop.  |

This poppy, energetic, tightly executed ditty grabbed me in the first few seconds the way few songs have in a while (since the Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal, I reckon). The vocals have the adorable lilt that makes people fall in love with artists like Feist, and the kind of simple but well crafted lyrics that make an absolute classic song |  Random Kitty

There is actual heart and emotion in these songs. A mix of pop hooks with an space-age rock feel |  Digging For Days

Lo-fi artsy sci-fi pop is the best way to describe this duo. Reminds me a bit of the Ting Tings meet Ryan Adams with a girl singer and a tinge of Jimmy Eat World with more indie cred.  |

Beautiful Small Machines recently released a cover of MIA‘s smash hit “Paper Planes”, turning it from a kind of pop- kind of hip-hop mashup into an incredibly well done indie song. The new take on the song is more simplistic, trading synth beats and samples for guitar leads and organic drums, breathing life into a track that I thought had lost some of its original “coolness” due to its being overplayed. Thankfully, rather than slowly shaking my head and shunning “too soon” to the band, I was able to embrace this rework with open arms and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Though, I’ll admit, I do kind of miss the cash register sample during the “all I want to do is… and take your money” parts | The Music Ninja

This Beautiful Small Machines cover of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” easily won me over | IndieShuffle

This is a great indie remix of MIA’s Paper Planes. Beautiful Small Machines takes this already great track and gives it a completely new feel. They dusted off he banjo and created a fresh track. You gotta check this one out!  | The Eargasm

I rarely post folk songs, actually I don’t think i have posted one single folk song, but this is definitely an exception. Now you may be asking, ‘you’re posting a folk cover of Paper Planes?!’, why yes, yes I am , it is incredible. The new take on the song is more simplistic, trading synth beats and samples for guitar leads and organic drums, breathing life into a track that I thought had lost some of its original “coolness” due to its being overplayed | Vinyl Wall

MIA’s Paper Planes brought to life on the Banjo. We find today’s subject clip from the stylish New York roots and rock duo of Bree Sharp and Rocket del Fuego (Don DiLego), otherwise known as Beautiful Small Machines. The pair are making some noise on the web this week with their new video for “Paper Planes” (MIA) – One of the things I like so very much about great covers like this one, is they let you realize at the root, what appeals to people musically. This cover is about as different from the original musically while retaining much of the same structure and pacing. Not the easiest thing to do… Here, banjo issues us an invitation to the story and by the time you make it through the clip you forgot there was no sampling from The Clash and that the original is anything more than a enviable early recipe, a start if you will, from your Grandmother’s kitchen. Therein lies an opportunity to make things all your own! This version of the song is beautiful and I suspect this could just the beginning of much more to come from BSM| RSLBlog

One of the CDs I spent ages listening to was Philly native Bree Sharp’s Cheap and Evil Girl. A couple of years ago, Bree resurfaced, playing with an electronica-influenced rock band called Beautiful Small Machines.  I somehow completely missed that they released a single last month, a cover of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” – completely Bree-ified, rocked out with banjo, and I loooooove it.   It deserves this week’s Friday spotlight.  |