Don DiLego was born in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts and grew up in the 70's. He often wore a yellow polyester suit jacket and plaid pant combo that his mom thought "was really groovy", but in reality may have caused mental trauma still in need of corrective therapy. Played saxophone for eight years until the reeds started to give him the "willies". Claimed to have once actually seen The Lone Ranger. First record purchased was Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy", but mostly listened to dad's Frank Sinatra and Al Jolsen records on his all-in-one console stereo/furniture/fondue hi-fi system. Voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980 Elementary School election. Was defeated by right-wing sixth graders in lunchtime push for Reagan. Only elected office was class clown in 7th Grade.

Lives in New York City across from Jack's Coffee. Probably drinks too much coffee. Talks to himself a little too much, and has about 200 or so unfinished songs that he "swears will be huge" one day, and is a vegetarian. Don and his brother Dave believe "Duel" is Spielberg's best film (and have been claiming they will remake this one day). "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid" can be watched dozens of times on AMC with no loss of joy. Don would most likely pick up his acoustic guitar to write a song but should probably do this on piano more often. There are also banjos, basses, harmonicas, tambourines, mandolins, accordians, and a wurlitzer strewn across his room in various states of disrepair. He really wishes he had a dog, but too often finds himself on the road...which he loves. Also loves the weather on the west coast but can't seem to give up the seasons of the east. Mood sways way too proportionately with the successes and failures of the Boston Red Sox. Knows that if he can't decide what to listen to, "Sweetheart of the Rodeo", "Harvest", "Pink Moon" or "Being There" never feel wrong.