Hey Kickstarters…Last call for your T-shirt sizes…(and lyric requests!)

Hey guys – so there are still many of you yet to email us back with your t-shirt size (if you are in that reward bracket). In order to place the correct order for them, we need those sizes so you get what you need.

In order to not hold the train in the station on these any longer, we’ll give it another few days and if we do not hear from you we will just issue Men’s Large by default. As this is a “special order” just for our Kickstarter supporters, there will be a limited supply. Sorry.

So…let us know ASAP!!

Thanks again guys. Looking forward to getting this stuff all out to you!

Team BSM


Showtime and new cd

Excited to finally get these tunes out into the world. With Don’s busy schedule on his latest record(s) it’s taken a while, but now we are ready, as soon as we stop fighting over the album title. Good luck there.

Also, we are rescheduling the Nov 10 show at Webster Hall…so stay tuned for a new date. In the meantime, please please come out for the raucous affair that will be The Outlaw Roadshow at the Bowery Electric. Part of the CMJ Music Festival and sponsored by the fabulous Ryan’s Smashing Life. More info here:


New shows added

Posted a couple new dates this fall…check out on the  tour dates  page.

We are excited to be doing a show as part of the CMJ Music Festival, for the Outlaw Roadshow, presented by Ryan’s Smashing Life and Adam Duritz (Counting Crows). We also have a full-blown headlining show coming up at Webster Hall in the Studio on Nov 10th…hopefully with a couple surprises. See you see you.

Deli Magazine reviews “Paper Planes”

I have yet to hear someone discuss how they’d love to take my money as sympathetically as I have with Beautiful Small Machines’ joyously acoustic, recently released version of MIA’s ‘Paper Planes’ (streaming below). While some might dismiss the duo’s banjo/piano inventions here as mere novelty, there is something to be said about the loving time and care the band imparts to the tune that’s truly the attraction here. The band’s careful attention to details like this helps them to construct a world around their toys, building synth stabs that move to explosion in their last EP’s title track ‘Robots in Love,’ and the stomping B-52′s inspired ‘Superconducter.’

Their machines may be small, but their attention to aesthetic detail makes the efforts beautifully unique. No wonder Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon accepted to work with them in their breakthrough track ‘Simple Joys.’ See the band when they play Piano’s this Friday evening. – Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)